Perfect for those looking for more than just accommodation, CampusX offers a wide range of services designed to make your life easier and dedicate yourself to what you really like.



Nestled in 15,000 square meters of green, in a unique setting in the world, the Roman one, CampusX is the ideal place for those who want to combine the university experience from off-site to campus life. Multimedia environments, libraries, room tutors, recreational services such as restaurant and bar, playzone and much more, are designed to facilitate the lives of our guests and offer them the best possible experience.


There is life beyond the study. We firmly agree with it, and it is in this perspective that CampusX Bari is born. The structure embodies the idea of ​​Global Village, integrating perfectly with the wonderful city that hosts it. The campus has a large green area and offers a range of services and common areas designed to facilitate the coexistence of our guests, making them feel at home.


Located between the plains and the hills, halfway between the city center and the natural landscape, CampusX Chieti wants to embody the vision of “campus among the fields”. The structure, in fact, recalls a small autonomous and organized town, in which the watchwords are “sharing and collaboration”. All the services offered are therefore designed to make life on the campus friendly, serene, ideal to accommodate the passions of our tenants.


In September 2019 Campus X will open a new Student Resort. The hotel has 199 rooms and 246 beds, as well as services such as gym, lounge, cafeteria, play areas, rooftop, study rooms, laundry and latest generation wifi connectivity.
The new Florence CampusX is located a few steps from the Faculty of Medicine and Engineering and is connected to the historic center by the new line 3 of the Florence tramway.


You will never forget the first day of your new student life, especially if you decide to spend it with us. CampusX is much more than student accommodation: it is a space for sharing and growing, where you can meet new people and build your future. Simply put, it’s your new home. With a series of services that other houses will never give you.