CampusX chooses the comfort of Simmons mattresses to offer its students the daily experience of a 5-star hotel.

CampusX, always attentive to the needs of its target audience, asked Simmons to create a mattress designed to guarantee students the best possible sleep. Wellness and efficiency in the study pass first of all from healthy rest and a good mattress represents the starting point for sleep quality. Students lead an intense life and often give up precious hours of rest due to the different commitments they have or the stress that can arise during exams.

In light of these needs Simmons has created OFFLINE, a mattress designed to maximize the efficiency and quality of sleep: sleeping well, in fact, helps concentration and productivity during the day . The choice of name is not accidental: OFFLINE wants to be a product that represents the ideal detachment from the frenzy and hyper-connection of a student’s daily life.

Some studies (University of Pennsylvania 2019) show that sleeping too little can generate a series of negative effects, such as lack of motivation, propensity towards bad eating habits and a sedentary life, burdening consequently also on mood.

The OFFLINE mattress was made with an ergonomic structure with three layers of high density breathable technological foam; the outer layers have a shaped surface to increase the degree of comfort.

The upholstery fabric and the hypoallergenic fiber padding make up the outer lining which features a processing with five differentiated support zones for maximum conformation to the user’s body.

“We are very happy with this partnership with Simmons Italia, which allows us to guarantee our students absolute excellence. Our goal is to create an environment that meets the needs of our young guests: comfort for living, tranquility for studying and spaces for growth. ” – underlined Samuele Annibali, CampusX general manager.

The OFFLINE mattress represents the modern and futuristic spirit inherent in CampusX projects, keeping the function of an instrument of correct and healthy rest, typical of Simmons products, firm and unaltered.

“Defining the strategy, identifying the potential and knowing how to adapt it allows us to be forward-looking and present where the new trends are born” – said Fabio Formenti, CEO of Gruppo Industriale Formenti, Simmons Italia – “The products created specifically for CampusX, a young and dynamic company, represent yet another challenge won in favor of good rest and physical well-being.”