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July 2019 is approaching and with it the summer session: important months both for those who must complete the exams and for those who must graduate. The tension grows and…

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Italian University: a definitely more green future

Three out of four Italian university students choose sustainable energy. This is what emerged from an international survey conducted by Sodexo on over 4 thousand university students in Italy, China,…

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Automotive, technological and design innovation: this is, broadly speaking, the scheme to favor the development of sustainable mobility in Italy and Europe. According to the Business Council for Sustainable Development,…

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Italian university students: how healthy do they eat?

Food and students: Italians prefer a healthy diet. This is what emerges from a survey carried out on a global scale by Sodexo, which interviewed over 4,000 students, in Italy,…

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The training internship and its professional importance

The training internship is now a fundamental stage for the achievement of the final title. Approaching the world of work by doing compulsory hours is one of the best ways…

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Smart City: the keys to building smart cities

The term Smart City means a smart city that can be self-sufficient in terms of both technology and energy; it is a center that, by exploiting digitalisation, is able to…

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Talents Observatory: in Italy it is a record of female students in scientific degree courses

The university and women: a last study elaborated by the Talenti and Corriere della Sera Observatory, highlights an important turning point in progress in the world of university studies. 17.71%…

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Struggle against pollution: stop the plastic in the Roman universities

The war against plastic is nowadays daily, from all over the world initiatives, movements and marches are born, crossing entire cities, entire countries. To become champions of the “Plastic War”…

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Master and world of work

Professional needs Today it is very frequent that at the end of a course of studies, first or second level, students decide to continue their studies with a master’s degree….

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Falling unemployment: growing “green” and “orange” sectors

According to the data collected by the recent report by AlmaLaurea, in recent years there has been a slight decrease in unemployment among Italian graduates. On the basis of this…