Not only businesses, not only workers, but also universities: the Cura Italia decree, approved by the government to restore Italy following the COVID-19 emergency, also affects academies.
Specifically, both immediate organizational changes and future changes to the university structure were envisaged. This extraordinary situation, which affected our country first and then the entire planet, is leading everyone to take a step forward in the world of technology.

Let’s take a closer look at what will change for college students.

In addition to the closure of universities until April 3, 2020, except for new provisions, the Cura Italia decree has provided 85 million for the support of distance learning. Specifically, the “Fund for the emergency needs of the university system, institutions of high artistic, musical and choreutic education and research institutions” has been established with approximately 50 million, which will be allocated to encourage distance learning activities.

If online lessons have now become a custom of this period, degrees and remote exams have instead been the privilege of a few universities. For this reason, the decree ordered that all graduation sessions scheduled for March and April be postponed to 15 June: the students concerned will be considered current and will not have to pay fees. And not only. All deadlines have been postponed for the delivery of the thesis and for its revision and, moreover, all the exams are postponed, except for different provisions issued by the universities.

With regard to this last point, in fact, the decree was particularly pronounced on “agile work” and, therefore, on the possibility of organizing the University remotely. After this first period of compulsory trial, in fact, the universities were forced to take a step forward and this was well highlighted by the new measures put in place. Distance learning, licenses for teaching platforms and teacher training on the functioning of University 2.0: all this is included in the 85 million allocated by the government to create a futuristic university.

And for those who have already graduated or are going to do it? There are also news in the field of recent graduates, especially for those enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. In fact, the qualifying exam disappears today and in the future: after graduation you can immediately carry out the profession, after a traineeship period.
Those who dream of joining the academic world will still be able to submit their application until 10 July, for the fourth quarter, and until 10 November, for the fifth quarter.

The smart university, therefore, is slowly becoming a reality also in Italy and soon the first effects of a change already announced will be seen.