Puppy ears, smooth and smooth skin, quiz among the most disparate: the “filter mania” in the stories has now infected all brands, from the largest to the smallest and, we too, have fallen into its enchanting network (as you will discover between little on our Instagram page @campusx_community).
But, what are we talking about? Where are these filters located?

Let’s start with a story. We are in 2006 and the fresh graduate student of Stanford, Kevin Systrom, decides to take a trip to Italy with his beloved reflex. But, already at the time of departure, his professor warned him, inviting him to see the world in its imperfection and imprecision and not through a glossy lens. So, Kevin abandoned his expensive SLR to buy a Holga, a plastic camera, almost fake, which makes square photos that can only be modified during the development phase, thanks to the dyes that create different color effects.
Does this description not by chance recall a social network, born a few years later, which today boasts over 19 million active users? Well yes, from a trip to Italy with imperfect photos, Instagram will be born which, recently, seems to have shaped its communication more and more on the Stories.

The Stories, as many will know, are not native to the channel, but were originally imported from another social now downhill, Snapchat. With the desire to create an impromptu story that only lasted 24 hours, History quickly proved to be perfect for an immediate and creative social network like Instagram that, in a short time, eliminated any barrier and left free space for creativity. In fact, for just under a year, Spark Ar, the augmented reality tool previously available only to developers, has been made public and since then hundreds of brand new quiz, 3D or make-up filters have been born.

But where are they located and how can they be tried? Finding a new filter is very simple, making it a little less. When looking at a story, you can click on the author’s name, located at the top left, to try the filter, save it or explore other similar contents. And not only. It is possible, in fact, to create new ones. There are real creators of filters that, thanks to their skills as a designer, have managed to stand out in the crowd.

With over 900,000 followers, @crispelk is the king of Instagram filters. Professional art director, his art is doubling: his “Revolution” filter has become so famous that it can also be imported on Tik Tok. Following on the podium also @johwska, alias of Johanna Jaskowska, who opened the challenge of facial filters with her “Beauty300” and Clay Weishaar, aka @ wrld.space, which, with 400 thousand followers, is the food lover of the canal between pizzas, donuts and macarons. In this ranking there is no shortage of Italians like Francesco Laterza, or @ sk1kko, who with his psychedelic and futuristic filters has conquered over 12 thousand followers, even enchanting the Muses.

As anticipated at the beginning of this article, the “filter mania” has also reached us and, soon, you can admire our first goliardic Instagram filter, “Study to become”, inspired and dedicated to all the students present on our Campus.
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