If you are among the students who stayed on our campuses, surely you have already learned about our Easter Box but, today, we want to talk about it better. Starting from Wednesday 8 April, in fact, we have decided that, if we do not go to Easter with the family, she will come to visit us on our campuses. Like? With a close collaboration between Fondazione Experience and Taz di Bleu di Cuneo, better known as TazFood.

Before going into the merits of our boxes, we want to talk a little about the partner we have chosen for this initiative, because we believe that true friends can be seen in times of need, and certainly TazFood has proven to be one of those. Born in Cuneo, Piedmont, in 1995, Taz di Bleu, thanks also to its geographical location, has always had raw materials available at km 0. With its specially prepared boxes, it has decided to take them to 1000km, packaging them specifically for places such as our CampusX.

Our Easter Boxes contain only with organic products grown, processed on site and prepared especially for you. TazFood, like CampusX, loves the nature in which it is immersed and respects it in all its parts and, we, we could not find a better partner to celebrate a day that symbolizes the rebirth of the earth, such as Easter. If with our XBottle we had encouraged you towards a healthy and respectful hydration, with our Easter Box we want to encourage you to follow a balanced and tasty diet, especially if on Easter day you are away from your family and you are looking for some flavor of home.

So what will you find in our boxes? Energy, vitamins and brightness!
We don’t want to reveal too much (otherwise what a surprise it would be!), But we want to anticipate it. On the four sides of our Easter Box you will find a message, “CX <3 U”, and that is what we really want to remind you on this special day, even if different from all the others: you are not alone, you are not today and you won’t be at Easter.
#StayatHome but #NotAlone: ​​we are always there for you and you can find us at the Reception.
Go from April 8 to April 13 to collect your Easter Box!