Someone is recovering all the TV series released in recent years, while others have decided to dedicate this time to the rediscovery of reading, pleasant or academic. We at CampusX, on the other hand, went in search of our traditions starting from the kitchen.
In these quarantine days, on our social channels Facebook and Instagram, we presented two Italian dishes, one simple and traditional and one slightly more complex.

We will talk about both shortly, but first we want to reveal an anticipation: on our Instagram channel, Monday 6 April, at 20:00, we will celebrate Carbonara Day with the live preparation of this famous and tasty dish!

At the end of the article there will be all the details.

Let’s start with our first proposal dedicated to one of the most traditional dishes of our culture, the Pasta with Tomato , a timeless classic whose colors are part of our flag. But did you know that tomato is not a local product? And, indeed, that on his arrival he was judged poisonous? Well yes, tomato has always been a typical fruit of the “New World”, discovered and imported around the middle of the 1500s, and for over a century it was looked upon with great suspicion by all Italian gastronomes. It was only after the Spanish Viceroy was served “ pomadoro sauce, Spanish style ”, towards the end of the 1600s, that the tomato began its climb to success. The encounter with pasta took place naturally almost two hundred years later, marking a combination that changed our traditional and even the most innovative cuisine forever.

In our first recipe we proposed a simple dish with few ingredients: ready-made pasta, tomato, onion, olives and oregano. A small tasty and easy home mix to make. In our second recipe, however, we wanted to add a second step, that of making the pasta. We didn’t want to stray too far from our campus and, on the contrary, we wanted to integrate the brand new CampusX of Turin right away which in October they will be part of our team. We therefore chose a traditional Piedmontese dish made with ingredients already in our ropes: the ravioli del Plin with Rieti ricotta, butter and sage .

“Plin”, in Piedmontese dialect, means “to pinch” and, in fact, these specific ravioli are pinched in the center when they close. Typical of the Langhe area, this traditional pasta dish has always been a variant of the classic version, both in size and filling: in fact, the popular custom has it that these ravioli were filled with stewed and possibly advanced meats. We, however, decided to make a further change and to propose a dish that could tell us: for this reason, in our recipe you will also find Rieti’s ricotta, whose production is close to our CampusX in Rome.

And it is precisely at the headquarters of this last campus that we want to approach Monday 6 April by preparing the Carbonara live. Our chef Luciano Spartaco di Carlo will guide us step by step to discover and then to create the dish with a direct Instagram. Traditionally associated with charcoal, due to the conspicuous presence of pepper, this dish has a very ancient history and several variations. We do not want to reveal too much and for this we leave the word to our chef, Monday at 20:00 on our Instagram channel What you need to prepare the dish is made up of: 2 egg yolks, 40g of parmesan, 40g of pecorino cheese, 110g of guanciale, 220g of mezzemaniche, pepper and a great desire to test yourself!