Fight against hoaxes and maximum emphasis on messages of encouragement: so Instagram decides to respond to the epidemic of fake news and moments of sadness that have followed since the start of the Covid-19 quarantine. Instagram has decided to use its users’ language, stickers and hashtags, to clean up and become a real source of support right now.
Specifically, here are the five new measures:
– The elimination of all unofficial accounts that provide information on COVID-19;
– The insertion of new dedicated stickers;
– The featured story #iorestoacasa;
– The possibility of making donations;
– Co-Watching.

Let’s start from the first and perhaps most discussed point.
Already since the beginning of the epidemic, the presence on the social networks of discordant news, fake news and incorrect advice on prevention of contagion had made people talk about themselves, leading more than one public figure to restore order. For this reason, Instagram, the main means of diffusion together with Facebook and the newly arrived TikTok, has imposed a complete cleaning of the accounts that promoted this information.
All messages deemed false were eliminated from the “Explore” page and penalized if present on feeds and stories.

On the other hand, anyone who is today looking for information on the virus will be able to find answers on the official WHO accounts, the only ones that appear in the session.
With the very clear and evident message “Are you looking for information on the coronavirus?”, All users will be able to decide whether to inquire about the pandemic by going directly to the official website This choice by the social network has been very important to ensure equal and correct information for everyone: in fact, it is precisely the idea of ​​keeping everyone together virtually that pushed Instagram to adopt three other changes.

The first of these concerns the addition of new stickers in the stories: #iorestoacasa, Eroi in Corsia and Donazioni. “I’m staying at home” was certainly the most relaunched sticker in recent times, thanks also to the choice to create a story always in the foreground that would gather all those on the theme. This fixed icon is constantly updated and contains all the stories of the followers who have used the sticker. Inserting it into your stories is simple: just take a photo, add the sticker found in the appropriate section and, once the story is published, it will also appear in the collection highlighted on the homepage. The “Eroi in Corsia” sticker is dedicated to all doctors and nurses who are in contact with Covid-19 daily.

A second act on community awareness concerns the Donation sticker. By always clicking on the stickers in the stories, you can make an immediate donation to an institution engaged in the fight against Covid-19: in fact, the system automatically highlights the associations in the front line, such as unfoundation or unicef. The user can insert the sticker in his story by inviting users to donate.

As already mentioned, a third and final act put into practice by Instagram concerned the creation of a shared social network through Co-Watching. Going to the direct of each profile you can activate the video call function with contacts: by touching the photo icon that appears below, all users connected in the call will be able to simultaneously see the same video, the same photo or the same likes. During this operation, everyone will be able to see each other.

With all this Instagram means one thing: you are not alone, we are together, virtually close. Let’s not be fooled by the fake news, but we only follow those who really have the tools to make sure that everything will be fine. And in the meantime, let’s share, hear and listen: we are all one country!