Until April 3 – according to the latest Prime Ministerial Decree of March 9 – people stay at home to protect all citizens from the risk of coronavirus infection. But what does this mean? It means that everything, everything, stops. University stops, games stop, aperitifs and evenings with friends stop. But if on the one hand social and real activity freezes, online activity starts and mobilizes everyone through telephones. The hashtag #iorestoacasa is now a national trend that includes all the activities (or non-activities) that can be done comfortably on the sofa.
But let’s go in order.

On March 9, Prime Minister Conte declared the whole of Italy a “red zone”, this means that from the next day nobody could have left the house except for three proven reasons: to go to workplaces, to have the need to health or food needs. The decree that clarified the forced blockade of all, regardless of their origin, therefore mobilized the whole of Italy towards the online world, the only channel in which you can go out freely.

The hashtag #iorestoacasa, used both as a warning for all the unrepentant who are deciding to ignore the decree and as an invitation message, has actually involved the entire network, from VIPs to local activities, to discos. We at CampusX have had our say on social media, inviting our guests to read a good book, listen to music, watch a whole TV series, learn a new recipe or visit an online museum. These activities were not accidental: in fact, since the launch of the decree, which the minister himself defined as #iorestoacasa, the world has changed.

If reading a book, learning a recipe or watching a TV series has not undergone great changes, listening to music has already gone to a next level: some DJs, in fact, using digital platforms, such as Livestream, they recreated real live events from their homes; listeners were able to listen to music, dance and go wild in complete safety. Visits to museums have also changed. Yes, the physical activity of going through the paintings has undergone a strong change: since the first days of the alert, over 20 Italian museums, including the Borghese Gallery, the Royal Museums of Turin and the Uffizi, have joined the initiative to show their masterpieces online, a real guided tour at the service of the user at home.

But not only. Even those who have always been on the web wanted to have their say and did it through the page Digital Solidarity made available by the Government itself. They are companies that have offered to provide free services to make staying at home easier. For example, the Wind / Tre has made available to all users 100giga free for 7 days from mid-March, as well as Tim, Fastweb, Vodafone who have offered other promotions. Connexia, a Smart Working platform, has made its channel available for free, as well as Cisco and Microsoft itself which has deployed its entire team to train on the subject. And then, there are the E-Learning, Entertainment and information portals that have come forward and explained how to be able to use their services, free of charge from home, to face together, as an online community, a period as difficult as what we are experiencing. In conclusion, therefore, we can tell you only one thing: # it will be all right, don’t worry, we are ready and we will see each other again to have fun together again!