Creation of an innovative place available to the all community

Creation of a business incubator connected with the open source world and maker farm

Train and update about research, public announcement, green economy, personal and territorial growth


The Experience Foundation was created to promote technological and scientific research through coworking, seminars, events and training sessions. The Experience Foundation, through the CampusX spaces, wants to plan, collect and bring out ideas, projects and new realities to deliver them to the all community.

We organize different types of events, from community projects to corporate projects, with the aim of promoting innovation, technology and creativity. CampusX coworking spaces are designed to allow our community to collaborate, connect and achieve their goals.




XNews represents an activity full of training makings.
In fact, it’s an opportunity to enhance the communication skills of our guests and, at the same time, to support collaboration in order to achieve a common goal.
Furthermore, writing for a wide range of readers, using different text types, greatly increases the motivation to express themselves and to experiment with different forms of writing.
What are you waiting for? Join the CampusX Newsroom!

[+] info: comunicazione@campusx.it


On October 24, 2017, MusiX is inaugurated.

MusiX is the Music Hall of CampusX, where you can follow music courses at different levels. In addition to the training room, MusiX is equipped with a recording room and a rehearsal room for all the musical projects.

The Music Hall often hosts the masterclasses of artists from the Italian music scene and advanced courses.