Saturday 1st June CampusX Rome will host the Spring Arts Festival, a day of fitness, music and colors in the open area organized in collaboration with the University of Tor Vergata. The highlight of the day will be the Holi color, for which they will be give away 1200 sachets of biodegradable colors, for a shower of colors.

The green area of ​​the Campus will see the participation of some Food Trucks of different origins that will be open throughout the day, while the bar area will be set up in collaboration with Red Bull, that will create ad hoc activities for the university audience of Tor Vergata during the day. The party will continue even after dinner with a DJ Set that will make everyone present dance and jump. Entry and participation in the activities will be totally free, and exclusive for Campus residents and students of the University of Tor Vergata. The fitness and martial arts courses will be open to all students.
JD SPORTS will also participate in the Festival, which for the occasion will include a dedicated relaxation area, lots of gadgets and an exclusive offer for the first 1000 participants at the event.

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