The war against plastic is nowadays daily, from all over the world initiatives, movements and marches are born, crossing entire cities, entire countries.

To become champions of the “Plastic War” are, among all, just young, among which there are so many very young.

Many universities, all over the world, but also in our country, have tried to concretely support these initiatives, spurring them on

all students for recycling, environmental protection and waste abatement.

The plenary of the European Parliament has in fact definitely the limit in the use of plastic objects such as plates, cutlery, straws, balloons and cotton sticks, very polluting, starting from 2021.

The “polluter pays” principle will be extended, as far as tobacco is concerned; but the directive will also cover fishing gear.

The obligation is to label information on the environmental impact, if one hopes in the environment as well as other products, for example glasses and wipes.

According to this, the legislation will reduce environmental damage by 22 billion euros. According to a Commission study, more than 80% of the waste in the sea is made up of plastic and 70% of the waste is the ones mentioned above.

Environment Minister, Sergio Costa, commented on the approval of the directive talking about a “historic vote in the European Parliament: the path to get to disposable plastic in the EU is a reality. As soon as the process is completed, roughly in late April, we will immediately take action to implement the directive in Italy “.

Even a different Rome organizes itself to say goodbye definitively to plastic or at least to disposable one.

The initiatives of this type are not only born “from above”, but also among the students themselves: on 14 April, some Campus residents met in front of the Campus and “cleaned up” the Tor Vergata area (photo Instagram @romasenzaplastica).
Among the social profiles that at national and world level are concerned with the theme, we find: @greanpeace_ita; @aplasticplanet; @ Plastic.touch; @plasticfreejuly; @lovelyplanet; @theoceancleanup

All my facilities, in fact, have been designed and structured to protect the environment.

To crown our “green” principles was the market initiative in the field of financial security, to sensitize them on the subject, training them to respect the planet, for today and for the future