The university and women: a last study elaborated by the Talenti and Corriere della Sera Observatory, highlights an important turning point in progress in the world of university studies.
17.71% of women enrolled at university attend a Stem course and intend to graduate in a scientific degree course.
The data sit at the Academic Year 2017-2018 and before the light the highest value of the last ten years.
But that is not all. Another important figure for the student of interested students: in the South the percentage is 19.2% and in Abruzzo it increases even 20.8%.
In the same research, “Gender gap in Stem degrees”, it is highlighted how the particularity of the facts is from a slight decrease in the number of girls registered since 2009 and 2015, as opposed to the Stem group, which remained the same.
It should also be pointed out that within the so-called scientific disciplines there are also included more artistic courses – “readership of cultural heritage”, where there is a 81% female presence.
The percentages are also high in the healthcare-paramedical and geo-biotechnological sectors (between 73% and 65%).
Yet, on average, the number of female students enrolled in undergraduate, industrial, electronic and IT courses (although the share has increased by as much as 5 points in the last 10 years).
And I? The female students also excel in the degree marks and in the completion times of their studies, compared to their male colleagues.
The benefits are not the same for post-university placement: after 5 years from the Degree in scientific disciplines, the employment rate is 85%, while the percentage of men is equal to 92%.
With a glance at Europe, Italy is in third place with around 37% of female students enrolled in Stem courses (the European average is 32%).