The training internship is now a fundamental stage for the achievement of the final title. Approaching the world of work by doing compulsory hours is one of the best ways to understand if what was learned during the university course was useful. In addition to the possibility of improving one’s own knowledge, the internship is a way to understand the work itself and to understand if what one is studying is actually what one wants to do with one’s working career.
The curricular and / or extra-curricular training internship is therefore of fundamental importance for this it is necessary to know also the legislation concerning this path: what are the rights and duties of those who must do the internship and of those who must accept a trainee.
Starting a traineeship is equivalent to starting a learning path that allows you to learn a trade. However, this does not mean starting a real working relationship: it means having a person able to teach the job next to you.
The duration of the contracts concerning the internship cannot exceed 6 months and the type of internship that you are about to do: training or orientation, affects the period of stay.
The work of the internship includes an agreement between the promoter (school, university, employment centers, labor consultants, etc.) and the host organization (businesses, professional offices, cooperatives, public bodies, etc.).
When deciding to take this path as an intern, it is advisable to create a training project, following the guidelines containing all the details of the employment relationship (time, duration, compensation, obligations and objectives) and this also implies the presence of a tutor or a contact person who will follow the trainee in his experience.
In conclusion, the internship is also an excellent opportunity for socializing with the various university colleagues who share this experience, and it is above all a way of becoming familiar with what the future working environment will represent.
The experience in an empirical sense should represent the fulcrum of each course of study and concerns only specific academic fields, but it also affects students who have undertaken studies related to the new work sectors.

At CampusX there are many boys who during their university course decide to carry out an internship at facilities affiliated with the universities.
Many of the students request to do curricular internships directly in the CampusX offices, in particular we have children in the branch of marketing, communication, human resources, front office and administration.