July 2019 is approaching and with it the summer session: important months both for those who must complete the exams and for those who must graduate. The tension grows and with it also the need to prepare for perfection. For those who must prepare a thesis from 0 there are some very useful tips to follow, first of all it is good to remember that the thesis is written in small steps: the choice of the title is the last thing you will do, so don’t worry if at first you will feel lost with few ideas in mind, they will begin to come out when the thesis will be almost completed and in collaboration with the supervisor.

Here is the sore point: the choice of the Professor / Professor who will follow the path of writing the thesis, is of fundamental importance because more often than not it happens that not all the speakers take the commitment to follow their freshmen carefully. Together with the speaker it will be necessary to choose the topic to be treated: something that would either enthuses and pleases, without using themes that are too complicated to attract the attention of the commission.

Once these first steps have been clarified, it is necessary to print all the useful forms to make the graduation application, generally it is possible to download them from your own reserved area otherwise they are from ask in the student secretariat.

The preparation of the thesis can foresee – both in the case of the three-year courses and the magisterial ones – the creation of a lineup that will help a lot when it will proceed to the study of the same. time to each chapter, especially in the case of an experimental thesis that undoubtedly provides more dedication than a traditional one. It is of fundamental importance not to leave out any detail: further questions could be raised in the committee on the day of the discussion.

If anxiety is the enemy, it can be reassured by communicating with those who have recently graduated, through advice and suggestions: they will be truly precious. For all CampusX guests there will be plenty of ways to distract yourself: from nightlife to the fitness room you can take care of yourself and your appearance, not letting yourself be dominated by the moment! Good luck to all undergraduates and undergraduates.