The Torno Subito project, launched by the Lazio Region, achieved its first proposals: two new calls for university students. These two notices, aimed at completing the training course with active measures to promote employment, are specifically intended for students who participated in the course. The incentives will be aimed both at creating entrepreneurial activities and at hiring companies in Lazio.

The Torno Subito project is responsible for financing all the proposals in the field of cinema and food and wine, presented by young university students, graduates and graduates between the ages of 18 and 35. The project envisages the insertion into high-level training courses and experience in the workplace, both national and international. Specifically, the students involved in the company will already have to foresee the two phases of their work, therefore first of all the involvement of the productive realities – public or private, profit or no profit, Italian or foreign – and then the identification of the Lazio Region in which to carry out work experience.

The aim of these two new calls therefore includes:
– the notice of “training company”, with the non-refundable investment in business activities. Specifically, accompanying services will be provided that will start from the implementation of the business plan, up to the actual construction of the company, for a total contribution ranging from 30 thousand to 100 thousand euros;

– the “Employment Bonus” notice is the call for 8000 euros to support companies in Lazio who will hire interested students

“We believe that politics and institutions must modulate choices to meet people’s real needs,” said Claudio Di Berardino, councilor for work, school, training and the right to university study. “We want the training path acquired in our universities , combined with that represented by Torno Subito, remains the heritage of the Lazio Region, a region that must offer real opportunities to students. They must not be forced to look elsewhere for their future, but they must be able to contribute to the growth of the territory and become its ruling class “.

The calls that have been launched have been built ad hoc for the students who participated in the fifth edition of this project. For more information and to open the new call: .