Snapchat, Airbnb, Xiaomi, Deliveroo, Uber. This seems to be the trend of recent years: young start-ups who immerse themselves in the world of technology and who, in a very short time, reach a value that exceeds one billion dollars.
In 2013 they were defined Unicorn by venture capitalist Aileen Lee: the term was chosen in reference to their “mythological nature”, their uniqueness and their ability to revolutionize the fields of information technology and digital ones.
According to Fortune magazine, which has compiled the Unicorn list with the main companies that have distinguished themselves in recent years, to date there are over 300 mythological startups worldwide, of which 151 only in the United States. The total value of these Unicorns is currently 1.141 billion dollars, with stock prices and economic climbs that had not been even remotely imagined at the beginning of their journey. One of the main characteristics of these companies is that of having started with low-cost investments which, in a very short time, have turned into incredible economic-financial growths, such as to be considered real phenomena.
But where are the Unicorn companies located?

As anticipated, the United States is the main birthplace of these companies and, in particular, the territory of San Francisco Bay: the total value of the Unicorns present overseas is 945 billion dollars out of a total of 672 realities. In the past few years, the United Kingdom has also distinguished itself, with 16 38 billion companies, and Asia with India, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan with 82 companies worth 335 billion dollars. Italy, at the moment, is far behind in the ranking of companies experiencing economic boom: the Bel Paese, in fact, seems not to be the main place to start these activities, even if in recent years many companies have been trying to climb.

What do you need to be a Unicorn start up?
According to the same creator of the term, to return to the Unicorn mythological world one must have three essential characteristics:

a) Be rare. According to estimates, only 1 out of more than 1,000 companies born in the same period actually becomes a Unicorn: there is talk of 0.7% chance of joining the billion dollar company.

b) Be an inspiration for other companies. They are innovative ideas in a standardized world, they are the first to think completely different from the others and, therefore, they win over everything. They create the need for something that was not there before, but which, unconsciously, was missing.

c) They are magical. The best Unicorns in the world have started new technological eras: since the first mythological dream, Intel, which has changed the structure of Google, therefore of the online world, every company that today falls within this reality has an extraordinary, unpredictable and revolutionary.