University: the number of foreign students in Italy is growing

Foreign students in Italy represent an ever larger percentage of the national university population, giving a strong impetus to our universities and our university cities.
The sectors with the greatest presence of foreign students are: linguistic, architecture, political-social, economic-statistical and engineering.
Unlike Italian university students, foreign students graduate on average with about a year late and with a lower mark of at least 5 points: 27 years and a half instead of 26; 98 instead of 102.9.
The biggest question is given by the fate of these students after graduation: most, in fact, go back abroad immediately after having obtained the title.
This was revealed by a recent analysis conducted by the inter-university Consortium AlmaLaurea.
From the same survey it appears that since 2004 the number of foreigners who have chosen the Bel Paese is constantly growing, with a particularly large increase in Chinese students: they have gone from 1% in 2006 to 9.2% in 2018.
On average, the entire population from Asia and Oceania grows:
from 9 to 24.3% in the same period.
Countries from the European Community (52.1%) maintain the podium, including Albania (12.9%) and Romania (11.2%)

Foreign students: how many compared to Italy?
The increase in foreign students – registered in recent years – places Italy in eighth place on the OECD ranking on the attractiveness of the university system.
Specifically, out of 100 students who choose to study abroad, the first three places go to the United States (26.3%), the United Kingdom (15%) and France (10.5%).
To follow in order: Germany (9.8%), Australia (8.3%), Japan (2.9%), Canada (2.7%) and Italy (2.6%).
The only clarification to make regards the Italian consideration of the foreign university student: not an international student who moves specifically for the university, but all the boys with foreign citizenship.
It is therefore very interesting to note how nearly the number of non-Italian students has almost doubled, but come from families residing in Italy and have already done so in Italy.
Which are the universities chosen?
The universities that have registered the greatest preferences are those of the Center-North, led by the University of Foreigners of Perugia with 27.6%, the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Bra (Cuneo), with 14.6 % and the Free University of Bolzano with 14.1%.
At CampusX, 300 foreign students out of 1300 are registered in the last year; the age is between 23 and 25 years.