40% of Italian universities are among the 1000 best universities in the world. This is the figure that emerged from the long-term research conducted by italiadecide, the research association for the quality of Italian public policies. The university, the cardinal institution of each nation, it is a perfect yardstick for understanding how each country is judged by the rest of the world. A fairly good figure, if the total number of institutions in the world (20,000) and the performances of other countries such as France, Germany and China. The painful data is given by a situation of poor competitiveness due to the economic resources clearly inferior to the other main countries of reference. by italiadecide Luciano Violante, was curated by Domenico Asprone, Pietro Maffettone, Massimo Rubechi, with the aim of analyzing the situation and propose concrete indications in terms of public policies. As stated by Luciano Violante, italiadecide’s honorary president: “The Italiadecide research with Sanpaolo agreement on the reputation of Italy has so far demonstrated, with objective data, that the position of Italy in important sectors such as civil justice, tourism and now higher education is better than is commonly considered and competitive with that of the main countries with which we are confronted. If we need to improve the quality of public policies and the collaboration between these and the companies, the results show that, as a country, we can have confidence and esteem in ourselves and in our future “. Competitive recruitment policies, greater efficiency of the administrative machine, internationalization, collaboration with private subjects and between universities themselves, a more positive communication: these are the suggestions made by italiadecide for better quality and to obtain a higher ranking of Institutes.