The university admission test is a very important moment for all those wishing to pursue a university career. Preparation, study and concentration months for an exam that can change one’s future. Even on Facebook there were many subscribers to dedicated groups to the topic: thousands of students (Medicine Test and closed number 38.185; TEST Medicina 2019/2020 15.428; SceltaMultipla – Admission Test Group Health Professions 2019/20 16.519) information, curiosity and fears were exchanged. the number of participants was, as every year, the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. In fact, more and more Italian students are hoping one day to be able to wear the coveted white coat.

How many students participated in the test?

Speaking of numbers, specifically, the candidates who took the Medicine test last 3 September were 60,776 (with 68,694 applications received).
All aspiring doctors had to undergo a test which consisted of 60 questions with a time availability of 100 minutes.
From the first hot statements, according to many students, the test questions were more specific than last year.
As reported by the questions on general culture were very varied: «Who is the author of Assassination on the Orient Express?»; «Which movement did Marinetti belong to?»; «What was the English mathematician who deciphered the German secret codes?»; «Which writer was also a doctor?»
More than 42 thousand students rejoiced for the eligibility obtained – those who achieved the minimum 20 points necessary to access the national ranking and the distribution of available places.
The national average score recorded among those eligible was 35.23.

Who will be admitted to the Degree in Medicine?

The available places are 11,568, divided among all the Italian universities.
The final nominal results will be published on 27 September in the reserved area of the Universitaly portal and the national ranking of nominative merit will be published on October 1st.