Friday 4th May at 5.00 pm Fleming Classroom, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

Italy invests € 2.9 billion in biomedical research (out of a total of € 22 billion for research in general), of which € 1 billion from the private sector, € 1.4 billion from the public and the European Commission, and € 300 million from non-profit. This estimate represents an increase compared to what was invested ten years ago (1.9 billion euros), but it is about half of the main European countries. Despite this, Italian researchers are eighth in the world in terms of number of scientific publications, with an average of citations in specialized magazines comparable to those of Germany and France. The last governments have recognized the value of this sector, increasing the financial resources allocated to it, but the funds allocated are not yet sufficient: we still have a lot to do in terms of investments to be truly competitive internationally. In addition, Italy is one of the countries with the lowest number of researchers in the world: only Chile, Poland and Turkey have a lower number than the Italian one. In particular, medical researchers are 34 thousand out of 120 thousand and their salary after 10 years of graduation is around 1,600 — 1,800 euros per month. Despite all these limitations, Italian research, for example in oncology, is second in the world behind the British one for productivity and represents one fifth of biomedical research, with an estimated annual investment of 600 million euro.
We therefore need to invest in young people and prepare our students for a hard work, difficult but at the same time challenging and essential for the future of all of us and especially for the growth of our country.
The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and CampusX will address this theme next Friday, May 4 at 17.00 in the Faculty Fleming Hall, where an event will be held entitled «Being researchers in Italy: profession or vocation?», Which will give to all registered participants the possibility of acquiring 1 CFU of assisted teaching activity.
Roberto Giacobbo, scientific divulger and known face of TV, will lead the event and present the speeches of personalities from the Italian scientific medical research sector.
In fact, they will be present:
Giuseppe Novelli, Rector of the University of Rome «Tor Vergata», for the initial greetings
Ernesto Albanese, President of CampusX
Niccolò Contucci, Director General of AIRC
Pierpaolo Di Fiore, Director of Molecular Medicine of the European Institute of Oncology
Grazia Graziani, Department of Systems Medicine, University of Rome Tor Vergata
Carmine Stolfi, Center of Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy, Tor Vergata Polyclinic.

Research is essential to meet today’s challenges and build a better tomorrow.

To register for the event, write to graduation