Not only schools, not only children, but also young students are now at the center of the government debate on the provision of new funding. At the dawn of the new reopenings, the Economic Decree provides for the allocation of one billion and 400 million euros and the increase of places for researchers to 5,600, about 4,000 more than those already established by the previous Milleproroghe Decree that had been launched on March 3. In recent weeks we have seen how universities had asked more government interventions , but also how the children reacted well to the provisions imposed during quarantine .

But let’s now go into detail about the new government lines defined in the Relaunch Decree.

Minister Gaetano Manfredi, at the end of the meeting said, « President Conte has shown a unique sensitivity towards the world of University and Research […] the government is working to insert in the decree an amount equal to billion and 400 million euros. Useful resources to reduce fees and increase scholarships for students ». The detail of these first declarations was defined above all by the increase in the University financing fund which rises to 170 million for the current year , with a growth of 16.3% compared to the previous figure. This provision will allow to increase the resources available in each university and to increase the number of students who have access to a scholarship.

On the latter front, in fact, the second provision of the DL relaunch moves: the increase in scholarships . The first line of intervention concerns the allocation of 40 million for deserving and lacking means students, but also the possibility of redistributing these funds for children who, following the epidemic, have an Isee lower. On the same level we also find the extension of scholarships for PhD students enrolled in the last year and out of the course of only two months and those for research grants on 9 March. The assignment of the new scholarships has been postponed to November 20.

On the other hand, the specific situation of the scholarships for the Medicine and Surgery graduates for which they had already been foreseen, from the funding allocated by the Ministry of Health and by the University Department, 95 million for the year 2020-2021 and 98.8 million for the remaining 2022, 2023 and 2024. In addition, the qualifying exams blocked by this situation will be revised and reformulated with the elimination of evidence.

A third line of intervention concerns the provision of 70 million for the High artistic and musical education and the new places reserved for researchers . AFAM will have new funds available to allow access to data and platforms for remote research and teaching and may, exceptionally, negotiate contracts without publication of the notice. In the meantime, the number of places for researchers has increased to 5,600 and 16 thousand more places have been provided for the ordinary and extraordinary competition of teachers of the public school, for a total of 78 thousand places of which 8 thousand more for the ordinary competition and 8 thousand more for the extraordinary competition.

In conclusion, the new DL relaunch provides for an overall growth of the University and a greater attention to its needs, both from the point of view of the students who attend it and by those who work in the administration. To take up the words of Minister Gualtieri with whom we opened this topic, all this « represents a great opportunity for our talents, in Italy and abroad, ready to make a contribution to the restart of the country ».