Born in 2005 from the idea of ​​Californian programmer Brad Neuberg, the coworking spaces are present all over the world today: in fact, we talk about over 200 areas dedicated to coworking activities only in Italy, to find which the online portal was conceived area, established as a place chosen by freelance professionals, has now entered lawfully among the places most requested by students and is, in fact, also present in CampusX. For over a decade now, university needs have made it essential to be able to carry out group work in any place and at any time. In association with technological growth, which passes from Skype to the direct sharing of files online, an area has become indispensable in which the students could work together, even if physically distant. The CampusX coworking area is essentially this: a space where different guests can meet, as in an office, but working independently on their projects, or exchanging information between them. It is not rare, in fact, that synergies are created in these areas, new friendships are born and new ideas flourish.

Shared spaces: advantages and disadvantages of the new work areas

As anticipated, one of the main advantages of the coworking area is the possibility to create networking, that is to develop new strategies thanks to the sharing of one’s projects with other guests. The latter, who are strangers to teamwork, can actively contribute to the activities and can become new colleagues. The network of contacts that is created in a coworking space, in fact, often leads to the development of friendships and bonds that emerge from the same area, increasing the relationship between individual guests. Another advantage concerns the possibility of growing together, giving life. to collaborations outside the university, creating jobs and identifying market trends early. Even in this case, in fact, the cases in which students coming from different faculties gather in coworking areas to share their skills and knowledge are not rare. Certainly, like all shared spaces, the co-working areas also present limits mainly linked to the presence of so many students in the same area. In fact, in these cases, the spaces of others must be respected: this means that calls with external students cannot be loud and must take place in the areas dedicated to them. Moreover, in the moments of information exchange, it is always necessary to take into account the other guests who share the open space.

How to live better the coworking: useful advice

Once the limits of the coworking area are defined and its advantages, we can identify two useful tips for living at better the shared places: • Identify the perfect time for external calls and video calls. To respect everyone’s work, it is always good to establish a time of day that can be suitable for you and for others. In this way, you will be able to do your work in total freedom and comfort • Establish a bond with other guests immediately. If one of the main advantages of the coworking area is to create networking, the relationship with other students is essential. . By adopting these measures you can really experience all the advantages of this area, taking advantage of its potential and benefits.