10 inflatable obstacles on a 5 km course, a crazy and unforgettable experience.

Sunday 20 October CampusX will take part in the unmissable Crazy 5K event, a hilarious 5 km race, characterized by an obstacle course with 10 huge inflatables to cross. The CampusX team will consist of 20 students from all the Campuses of Rome, Florence, Bari and Chieti.

The competition, sponsored by the Experience Foundation, will be a unique opportunity to test yourself, have fun and be a group: all participants will spend together the day and overnight together on the evening of October 19th at the CampusX in Rome. To the winners? There will be no real trophies: all those who complete the course will receive a medal and a technical jersey with the CRAZY5K logo. There are 10 obstacles, one more fun than the other:

    • Ups and downs: steep ascents and descents in succession;
    • Bumps: a floor with a surface deformed by prominences and inlets;
    • Climb the wall: a string of obstacles to climb;
    • Sea Run: tunnel interspersed with obstacles;
    • Start: a climb and a descent, interspersed with a shaft under which it is necessary to crawl;
    • The Misery: a path punctuated by obstacles to avoid, tunnels to cross and prominences to climb;
    • In and out: rocks to overcome, being careful not to stumble in the numerous pits on the surface;
    • The Snake: a narrow “corridor” along which to crawl, with the characteristic shape of a snake;
    • Tunnels: a multitude of semi-circles to “cross” to continue;
    • Triple jumps: a slide that can be reached by means of three jumps on small “dunes”.


There are no limitations of any kind: you can walk if you have not been trained to run and you can serenely leave out the obstacles that you cannot overcome, the only limits are to be higher than 1.30, have a minimum age of 8 years and do not weigh more than 120 kg.

So all we have to do is wait for Sunday 20 October at 10am to cheer on the CampusX team!
The appointment is at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Via Montpellier 1, Rome.