The times in which the students carried out their study plans and the degree application – preliminary and provisional – in the students’ secretariat with sheets in hand and endless files were completed. Today the digital, besides having invaded and modified the surrounding society, is was able to determine a change also in the university environment, especially as regards the documentation of individual students. In this context we can mention the Gomp, a platform that allows the registration, enrollment, booking of exams and many others functionalities that would otherwise be performed physically within administrative offices and students. Many people love it, others hate it, but in reality, it is a platform that is constantly updated to guarantee its correct use. It is easy to understand and navigate. view the various courses, masters and individual courses. It is organized into four ifs different options:
– The first “personal data”
– The second “Career, study plans and exams”
– The third “registration, enrollment and entrance test”
– The fourth and final “taxes and contributions”.
It is possible to access it after registering and once inside you will have the possibility to book appeals, calculate the weighted and arithmetic average, but above all send the study plan which will also be approved electronically by the student secretariat once viewed. Using the Gomp is It is possible to carry out most of the procedures electronically and it will no longer be necessary to waste hours of time, fundamental for the study, in front of the secretariat: a great turning point for all the freshmen who will be able to interface with a new and simple world to learn.
It is well known, in fact, that the feelings and emotions of new students are the fear and anxiety of not being able to correctly understand all the information that the reference Universities require to regularize the position as a student, CampusX will have many freshmen and with them / and also the pre-university concerns, for this a tool like the Gomp is indispensable.