Study plan is a course that includes training activities (subjects, activities, laboratories and internships) that allow you to achieve the final qualification. Each degree course includes a certain number of exams: some are compulsory and must necessarily be passed in order to finish their studies, while others can be chosen at the students’ discretion and leave more freedom, however these will all be part of their own study plan, later granted by the Department.

The study plan must be carefully analyzed and compiled since it is often not possible to change it several times during the academic year. You must concentrate on the exams that really interest you, remembering that they will always and in any case average with the final vote. The choice of exams must be purely personal and it is also possible to complete the credits with activities that do not include any vote but simply the recognition of a few hours with mandatory attendance, called seminars.

Study plan is very important for all female students and university students: it has the function of a guide over the years, it allows to understand which and how many exams are missing before the final discussion. Today, unlike a few years ago it was possible fill out in paper format and hand it in personally to the educational offices that report receipt, it is compulsory to transcribe it in specific online platforms with specific methods, through one’s access credentials that are acquired upon enrollment and enrollment.

After having elaborated one’s own training course one must wait for the approval of the same. Annually it will be possible to modify it and improve it, clearly according to the typology of faculty that is attended: the rules change but the activity plan is a common operation now in any university.

Don’t worry if you find yourself in difficulty: there will be special tutors to proceed in the best way. According to what has been said, therefore, boys and girls of the first year residing in CampusX, rely on veterans or some university tutor!