Issue 53 of the “Lucca Comics & amp; Games ”, one of the biggest European events dedicated to the world of comics, games, animation and fantasy. Until Sunday 3 November, the most important names of the world Comics will gather in the Tuscan city and, for the occasion, ten CampusX boys will also participate.

Thanks to the Experience Foundation, guests who have shown greater interest in the world of comics, manga and fantasy have obtained a free ticket for the 30th October, the day the event was opened. A wonderful opportunity considering that it is one of the most coveted events in the nerd world: according to the first data, this year the quota of 150 thousand coupons was reached and exceeded, with a very high audience forecast for Friday 1 and Saturday 2 November.

Lucca Comics 2019: the events expected this year

The 2019 edition of Lucca Comics offers confirmations and news. Among the many names, surely stands out that of the world master of the manga, Hirohiko Araki – author of The bizarre adventures of JoJo – at his first official participation in a European event. For lovers of Star Trek, instead, the Friday appointment with British actor Sir Patrick Stewart, Captain Picard of the star saga created by Gene Roddenberry, who will present the new Amazon Original series “Star Trek: Picard” will be a must. .

In addition to these big names, there will be plenty of streaming giants, such as the now ubiquitous giant Netflix who, in recent days, has released a teaser trailer to announce the presence at the series festival The paper house . For the music, instead, Cristina D’Avena will return, a cult character of the cartoons that Saturday 2 will stage her show Arriva Cristina .

Lastly, as regards the cult theme of the festival, the editorial news that will crowd the bookshelves in the coming months will be presented in preview. Among these we find: Extraordinary moments with fake applause , the new book by Gipi presented exclusively at the Coconino Press stand, I killed Adolf Hitler, by the Norwegian Jason, and Chatwin , the long-awaited Tuono Pettinato comic.

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Becoming Human : social inclusion and humanity as the theme of the edition

As every year, even for its 53rd edition the Lucca Comics & amp; Games chooses a theme as the theme of the entire event. This year’s program, in fact, will be full of debates and appointments dedicated to sharing and social inclusion on the theme “ Becoming Human”, which means both becoming human and being human; Barbara Baldi, in the 2019 poster with the kiss between a human and an android, is the icon of the edition.

A strong theme, which from the Hebrew Golem to the replicant of Blade Runner, invites everyone to wonder about the boundary between man and machine. An edition that therefore wants to be inclusive and at the same time exploratory.

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We are sure that our kids will have fun in what is now the European event that is a symbol of comics and of games in all its forms. Without a doubt, this will be a unique opportunity to discover, through showcase , exclusive meetings and insights, the evolutions of the Ninth Art.