2019 was the year in which the environment was at the center of current events with the great global climate strikes and with the largest environmental demonstration ever held, which took place in September and caused about 2,500 events organized in 150 different countries.

As many as 160 Italian cities were crossed by a green wave and the squares were literally invaded by young people, and less young people, who chose to desert their daily commitments in order to loudly ask for more effective measures to combat climate change.

Even the upper echelons of politics, pushed from the bottom, have decided to take a few more steps towards sustainability. In fact, the European Parliament has approved a new law that, starting in 2021, will prohibit the use of disposable plastic items such as plates, straws, cutlery and colored sticks.

Let’s Save the Planet: CampusX for the environment

And it is with this intent that Campus X, in collaboration with the Experience Foundation, has created its own personalized water bottle to give to all its guests in view of Christmas, with the desire to spread a clear message: “Let’s save the planet – Think Green “.

But a gift that wants to promote concrete action because this is what makes the difference in the fight against pollution. With this stance, CampusX again takes sides, and as always, in favor of environmental defense.

Resistant and lasting: all the advantages of ecological water bottles

The more ecological alternatives to plastic are there and they also make it possible to have a better yield. In fact, the ecological water bottles are insulating and hold the freshness of the drink for several hours; moreover, they are made with resistant materials that last for years, do not deteriorate and, of course, respect the environment.

Everyone can make a small contribution to save the planet by adopting more reasonable behaviors and with this gift, we at CampusX, take a position and invite you to follow us.

So let’s save the planet – Think Green and … Tag us with your water bottles using the hashtag #cxbottle!