Playlists dedicated to all campusxers! On the official CampusX channel on Spotify you can find new dedicated playlists, with the most listened to songs of the moment. Opened in December with a classic and funny Christmas compilation, it became in the months to follow a channel shared by all the CampusX structures. The Playlist “Community” was created, instead, thanks to online surveys on Instagram stories: users indicated their preference for one or the other song and the winner is entry in the CampusX personal ranking. The novelty of the week is called “Summer Playlist” and is a hymn to the hottest season of the year, that of exams and the dreaded summer session, but also that of diving into the sea and new loves. Good listening!

“Music is for everyone”. A concept of Spotify that has totally changed the music industry in the last 10 years. The program launched in 2008 by the Swedish startup Spotify AB by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, today boasts mind-boggling numbers: more than 140 million active users monthly (data updated to June 2017) and more than 70 million subscribers (data updated to January 2018). Spotify’s biggest and most significant insight was to ride the wave of piracy and Napster, redeeming all music accessible for free and legally, thanks to direct agreements with record companies. At the base there is the concept of access against the possession, always legal, supported instead by iTunes. But that’s not all, Spotify helps the growth of music indie: the labels represent, in fact, today about 40% of the global market. This growth is due to services such as Spotify and Apple Music, which allow users to access and discover new songs and new artists (which would otherwise be “niche”, intended for a single audience of fans of the genre). An exponential growth, which shows how independent labels have become an important part of the global music market. : the greatest artists in the world have in fact seen a significant drop in their share of total streams over the past three years.