CampusX has created the Cooking Classes: an experience that will bring its guests into the heart of Italian cuisine. During the days dedicated to this activity, the children will have to follow the recipes of a Chef and, divided into teams, will have the task of recreating it. They will then be evaluated by the Chef himself who will announce the winner. At the end of the challenge you will win a certificate of participation and a good dinner with your friends and teammates


The Cooking Classes will be held in all four CampusX locations: Rome, Bari, Chieti and Florence and will be real live lessons for preparing dishes. The boys will be divided into two teams and will have to replicate the dish that the chef will propose for the evening. Between fun and laughter, the boys will have to behave just like a Masterchef brigade, that is they will have to divide the tasks and be able to prepare a tasty dish just like the one made by the head chef. Once the dish has been delivered, the two teams will be subjected to the judgment of the chef who will decide the winner of the evening. The challenge and sharing of highlights will create joy among the boys, who will learn to prepare a good plate of pasta and to manage the better communication with your peers.


Team play, laughter and conviviality: this was the CampusX proposal with Cooking Classes. In addition to entertainment, the goal of this course is also to learn to cooperate in the division of tasks and to better manage the time that the Chef makes available. Moreover, communication and listening skills will be of great importance, since the members of the brigade will have to constantly inform the other members about the situation of their work. Learning to prepare traditional dishes, managing a situation where it is necessary to cooperate and being subjected to a judgment on their work will make the children more aware of their abilities. The days will end with a nice dinner in the company, like a big family, making this experience even richer and more fun.